Business Approach

We own skills and capabilities to assemble an outstanding wine portfolio, which is leading in …

… cultural expression of its regional origin.

… typicality of region which is described best in each single wine.

… the passion, our winemakers manufacture each single wine.

… its price/value proposition
of the wines in our portfolio.

… sustainable organic origin
of some of our wines.

Classical music describes the character of our wines best

Therefore famous European composers lead to the characteristics of our wine editions to provide guidance for the young and interested consumer: Which wine suits which opportunity? What kind of wine experience may I expect after buying a bottle? What is an adequate gift bringing for an invitation to someones home?
Our editions support the consumer to know what‘s in the glass bevor opening the bottle.

  • Classic & Easy-to-drink Reds

    Johann Strauss

  • Expressive & Intense Reds

    Johannes Brahms

  • Half-dry & Medium-sweet

    Antonio Vivaldi

  • Aromatic & Spicy

    Franz Lehár

  • Racy & Fruity

    W. A. Mozart

  • Classic & Refreshing Whites

    Claude Debussy

  • Powerful & Opulent Whites

    Johann Sebastian Bach

  • Top of Riesling

    Ludwig van Beethoven

  • Noble Sweet Wines

    Gioachino Antonio Rossini

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Golden Western Fine Wines (HK) Co., Ltd.


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